A publication for Chapter and Division Certification Chairs
(with courtesy copy sent to Chapter and Division Presidents)

Congratulations on your efforts the first quarter of the 2006-2007 year. Approximately 1,600 candidates sat for the CPS and CAP exams on November 3-4, and others are preparing for the May 2007 exams.

In this issue of the Certification Update you will find upcoming deadline and exam dates, tips on preparing for the exams, dates and preliminary information on the 2007 Certification Conference, and helpful information on recertification.

As Certification Chair for your Chapter or Division, you will want to continue promoting the certification programs and supporting those who are studying. Information in the Certification Update will help you do your job.


The deadline for applying to take the May 4-5, 2007, CPS or CAP exam is February 15, 2007. New candidates will find the Certification Application Packet at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/CertAppPacket.pdf. Eligible retake candidates will receive a personalized Registration Form by the end of January.


  1. Obtain the latest Certification Application Packet and Exam Center Listing for complete requirements, application forms, fees, etc. This Packet is available on the IAAP website under www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/CertAppPacket.pdf, through the Certification Department, or through the Distribution Department. Pay close attention to deadline dates and proper fees.

2.       Obtain the Certification Review Guide available on the IAAP website at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/examrevw.pdf. This Guide, which should be used to direct any course of study, includes the outline, bibliography, and sample questions. Comparing the outline with your own background helps you determine what course of study will work best for you.

3.       Obtain at least one or two comprehensive textbooks in the areas tested (these are listed in the bibliography). Check public libraries, college libraries, publishers, Amazon.com, etc., for these references. It is important to use several sources when studying for the CPS and/or CAP exams. References listed in the bibliography are actual college texts used to write examination questions.

4.       Plan your study schedule for each area tested. Plan to spend 8-10 hours per week dedicated to intensive study of each area. If you have a good background in the areas tested, a minimum of 2-4 weeks will be required for a review of materials previously learned. Without a good background, candidates may need 3-6 hours of course work at community college level in the areas covered on Parts 1-3 of the CPS and CAP exams. For Part 4 of the CAP exam 6-9 hours of upper division management courses are recommended, or the equivalent in on-the-job management training courses.

5.       If you prefer to study in a group, some IAAP chapters and local colleges provide review courses. These courses are intended strictly as a review of materials previously studied. Review courses the Certification Department has been made aware of are listed on the IAAP website (www.iaap-hq.org) under Professional Certification, then CPS/CAP Review Products/Courses.

6.       Review materials by Prentice Hall (Pearson) and Metcalf Educational Services can be used in preparation for the exams. However, these materials are not required by the Institute for Certification, and should always be used in conjunction with other references listed in the Certification Review Guide. These materials are not intended to cover everything that will be on the exams; and they are not used to write the actual examination questions.

7.       Keep in mind that no one source is intended to provide all materials tested on the CPS or CAP examination. Each candidate must decide which method or methods of preparation work best for them. Whatever methods of study used, take notes, re-read chapters, highlight and make notes in the margins of books you have purchased. Quiz yourself after completing the study of each area.

8.       After completing your initial study for an area, again compare what you've studied with the outline found in the Certification Review Guide. Make sure all areas in the outline have been covered. Quiz yourself.

Watch for more tips in the next Certification Update.


Is your chapter giving a review course for the CPS or CAP exams? Are you aware of other CPS or CAP review courses in your area?

Please send this information to the IAAP Certification Department. We are interested in knowing

         the location of the course (city and state where the class meets)

         who is instructing the course (are these local CPS or CAP holders, educators, or practitioners?)

         the class schedule (how many times a week, how many hours, how many months, how long before the exam does the class start?)

         the class structure (what is the breakdown of the course per exam part?)

         what materials are used in the class (college texts listed in the Certification Review Guide, the Prentice Hall review manuals, the Metcalf review materials, or something developed by the course coordinator?)

         who would interested parties contact about the class? (name, e-mail and phone numbers)

Please send information to Jennifer Mead CPS/CAP, Assistant to the Certification Manager, at jmead@iaap-hq.org. Thank you for your assistance.


CPS and CAP holders are required to recertify every five years. Those who do not remain current through recertification have their rating marked inactive on the IAAP database and are no longer afforded the privileges of certification.

To assist members and guests to attain these needed points, have your program chairman request recertification points for your chapter and division educational programs. The educational programs (business meetings are not eligible for recertification points) must be at least one-hour in length and must cover topics relevant to the exam outline.

Details on requesting recertification points for chapter and division educational programs can be found at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/recertification_prog_app_dir.htm, or requested from the Certification Department at certification@iaap-hq.org. Please submit the request 2-4 weeks prior to the program. Programs cannot be approved after the fact.

The Recertification Brochure found at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/recertification.pdf includes the application for recertification and the categories to use in earning recertification points. The Certification Department also makes available a helpful spreadsheet to use in recording points earned. The spreadsheet is found at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/Recertification_Spreadsheet.xls.


Mark your calendars to attend the 2007 Certification Conference, October 14-17, on the historic River Walk. Hotel reservations can be made now at the Hyatt Regency San Antonio; phone 800.233.1234. Identify yourself as an attendee of the IAAP Certification Conference to receive our room rates of $175 single/$180 double (plus taxes).

Watch the website at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/cert_conf for program details as they become available. The 2007 Certification Conference will provide top-notch educational sessions, valuable networking opportunities, and a time to relax and have some fun.

Questions about the CPS and CAP programs can be directed to the Certification Department at IAAP: phone 816.891.6600 x2248, 2225, 2227; or e-mail certification@iaap.hq.org.