A publication for Chapter and Division Certification Chairs
(with courtesy copy sent to Chapter and Division Presidents)

Welcome to all new Certification Chairs, and welcome back to those who have previously served in this important role. There is always a lot going on with the IAAP Certification Programs and the Certification Update is intended to assist you in doing your job. You will receive this electronic update four times during the 2006-2007 year.

There is a section of the IAAP website devoted strictly to the CPS and CAP exams under the tab titled Professional Certification. If you have not already done so, please make yourselves familiar with the information available to you there. You will find general information on the certification programs, forms, the Certification Review Guide, and much more.

The other resource available to you is the Certification Department at Headquarters. You can always feel free to contact the Certification Department with any questions you may have: phone 816.891.6600 or e-mail certification@iaap-hq.org; or directly to Kathy Schoneboom CPS/CAP ext 2227 or kschone@iaap-hq.org; Jennifer Mead CPS/CAP ext 2225 or jmead@iaap-hq.org; or Vicki Twombly ext 2248 or vtwombly@iaap-hq.org. Please share these extensions and e-mail addresses with those in your chapter and with nonmembers interested in the Certification Programs.

We have two brochures to help you promote the IAAP certification programs. The following descriptions will assist you in knowing when to use each brochure.

Professional Certification… The Career Advantage is the brochure to use as a handout at Chapter meetings, career fairs, when talking to a group of administrative professionals or students, and to send along with a letter to employers. This brochure is the first piece an interested candidate or employer should see on our certification programs. This brochure is free to chapters in packets of 25, up to 100. Shipping and handling applies to additional quantities.

Certification Application Packet is the brochure that includes complete details and the application forms. This packet should be given to those who have a definite interest in taking the exam— it should not be used as an introduction piece or as a handout to large groups. The application packet is free to chapters in quantities up to 10. This brochure and the forms can also be downloaded from our website www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/CertAppPacket.pdf.

There is also a Recertification Application/Information brochure that explains all requirements of the mandatory CPS and CAP recertification process. This brochure is on the website at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/recertification.pdf.

Thank you for assisting us in the proper use of these brochures.


Two Certification Programs:

 3-part CPS Exam




4-part CAP Exam


Examination Parts:

Part 1

 Office Systems & Technology (CPS and CAP exams)

Part 2

 Office Administration (CPS and CAP exams)

Part 3

 Management (CPS and CAP exams)

Part 4

 Advanced Organizational Management (only CAP exam)

We recommend that the Certification Review Guide be used to direct any course of study. The Certification Review Guide is found on the website at www.iaap-hq.org/Cert/examrevw.pdf.

Examination Dates:

The exams are given the first full weekend of
May and November


Parts 1-3 of the CPS and CAP Exams
Are administered all day Saturday


Part 4 of the CAP Exam
Is administered Friday afternoon

Application Deadlines:

February 15 for the May examinations


August 15 for the November examinations


International candidates are encouraged to mail their paperwork
and fees two weeks prior to the deadline dates.

Upcoming Examination Dates:
Candidates registered for the November 2006 exams will be taking the CPS and CAP exams November 3 and 4. Part 4 of the CAP exam will be administered Friday afternoon, November 3; Parts 1-3 of the CPS and CAP exams will be administered Saturday, November 4. Approved candidates will receive an admission letter in early October.

Future exam dates and deadlines can also be found on the website at www.iaap-hq.org/cert/dates.htm.

Examination Fees:






Processing Fee

 $ 40

 $ 40

Registration Fee - all parts*



Registration Fee - retakes

 $ 50 per part

 $ 50 per part







Processing Fee

 $ 65

 $ 65

Registration Fee - all parts*



Registration Fee - retakes

 $ 75 per part

 $ 75 per part

*New candidates apply to take either the three-part CPS exam or the four-part CAP exam and must take all parts on their first attempt; CPS exam candidates will take three parts – CAP exam candidates will take four parts. CAP candidates do not receive the CPS rating upon passing Parts 1-3 of the CAP exam.

Special Fees
CPS holders applying for the CAP rating are required to take only Part 4 of the CAP Exam; they are exempt from Parts 1-3 of the CAP exam. The fee is $110 member/$135 nonmember; processing fee is waived.

The PowerPoint Presentations, Professional Certification: The Career Advantage and Recertification Made Easy are available to assist in promoting and explaining the certification programs. The presentations and scripts are available to all chapters through the Certification Department at IAAP Headquarters. E-mail Kathy Schoneboom CPS/CAP, Certification Manager (kschone@iaap-hq.org) or Jennifer Mead CPS/CAP, Assistant to the Certification Manager (jmead@iaap-hq.org) to request these useful tools.

The Career Advantage brochure, mentioned earlier, is a great promotional piece to take along when using the PowerPoint Presentation.

Think beyond your chapter meetings when promoting the certification programs. Contact local companies and community colleges to set up a time to show the PowerPoint Presentations to admins, executives, and to students. Sign up to be part of a job fair and show the presentations on a continuous loop, while handing out brochures and talking to people in the community about the value of professional certification.

Watch for your next issue of the Certification Update coming your way late October or early November. In the meantime, remember to contact the Certification Department with any questions.