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                                                                                      March 4, 2005


Ladies –


          You are in for a real treat at Thursday’s meeting (March 10), so if you’ve not already done so, please email or call Teri Stuecken ( or 553-4252) to RSVP for our Chapter meeting.  Don’t forget that we will not meet at the Best Western Broadway Inn this month but we will instead be meeting at the Positive Tomorrow’s location at 1804 North Brauer.  If you are on Classen, you will turn West on N.W. 17th Street until you come to Brauer.  You will turn North on Brauer and Positive Tomorrows is the one story red brick building - the only one story building on the street!  It is just South of the Epworth United Methodist Church.  Lunch will be served in the church beginning at 11:45 AM, so please be watching for one of the officers pointing you in the right direction.


          We have been asked to make you aware that some of the children at Positive Tomorrow’s are there for confidential reasons.  Therefore, in order to help keep them safe, please do not talk about the children outside of the confines of the Positive Tomorrow’s building.  We don’t want others learning their names and whereabouts.  We have been told that we will be more than welcome to take pictures, but if you see a child wearing a RED name tag, please DO NOT take pictures of that particular child.  These are the children that are in protective custody.


          I know this meeting is going to be a little different than normal, but I promise if you come you will be in for a very humbling, very awesome treat.  You don’t want to miss this one!


          We are in the process of updating our Chapter website, so feel free to check it out soon.


          I hope to see EVERYONE on the 10th!!!  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.




                                                Cheryl J. Cook CPS, MS

                                                President 2004-2005

                                                OKC Chapter