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Personal Safety Tips

-Presented by-


Deputy Kim Lopez

Cleveland County Sheriff's Office

(405) 321-8600


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit with you about personal safety.  As you may know, violent crime occurs every 28 seconds in the United States.  Even if you cannot physically fight back, you can take precautions to avoid dangerous situations

Today you will learn the latest information to help reduce your chances of victimization.  Upon completion of this presentation, you will have the most effective tool in responding to and preventing violent crime, “A PLAN”.


4 Points to Remember:

1.  Information helps solve crimes- not peace officers.

2.  Report all crime or suspicious activity.

3.  Dial 9-1-1 it is a free call from any phone.

4.  Appearances can deceive: not all criminals look like psychopaths.                         Even serial killers are often warm, attractive and charming people.  They can be male or female, young or old.

Your Plan for Personal Safety


This plan will require some preparation but the following items are easy to locate and are inexpensive.

·        Walk with confidence, aware of your surroundings

·        Carry two sets of keys (one to throw)

·        Use a metal money clip to wrap two $1 bills and have it ready to throw, as bait; this puts space between you and your attacker.  

·        Attach a whistle to the good set of keys and be ready to use it

·        Fanny packs are the safest. 

·        But if you must carry a purse remember:

        -carry your purse on your inside shoulder away from         traffic - never carry it across you body.

·        Carry wallets in the front pocket.

·        Walk in groups:  this will discourage criminals because their goal is harder to achieve.

·        Carry a mobile phone. You do not need a service plan to dial 9-1-1 or *55. (Highway patrol # are state specific)

·        Let someone know your plan to be out alone.  Advise location, route, and estimated times of travel.

·        Avoid carrying large sums of money.

·        At register area, turn rings around to appear as a band, and have method of payment ready, don’t flash wallet/purse contents.

·        Never make change for any size bill.

·        Chances of survival decrease 99% once you enter the vehicle of someone you don’t know.

·        If you choose to carry a mace product, test it by spraying it into a styrophome cup, if it melts it, the ingredient should still be active.



___ several old keys         ___ two $1 bills

___ metal key chain                      ___ metal money clip

___ fanny pack                         ___ whistle

___ emergency cell phone-carry it on your person!

Your Plan for Home Safety



This plan is designed for general home safety and some aspects may not apply.

·       Secure windows and sliding doors by using a measured dowel rod as a wedge and hold in place with velcro

·       Install timers for lamps and radios that can be programmed to turn on during the day or night to provide light and sound

·       Charge your mobile phone at your bedside in the event that your phone line has been cut

·       Install wide-angle lens peepholes in your front, rear and garage doors to view all perimeters or your house.

·       Change the pre-programmed garage door codes

·       Post a “Beware of Dog” sign outside your house as a warning to criminals

·       Place a large dog food dish with food in plain view (birds and squirrels will appreciate)

·       Remove your name if it appears on your mailbox or front door

·       If possible, mail bill payments from a different location (these can be fraud resources)

·       Always secure your home and take your garage door remote with you, even to the garden.

·       Post contact information including cell phone of someone who has access, knows dog & alarm.



___ Broomstick            ___ wide angle peep hole

___ Timer for lights        ___ dog food dish

___”Beware of Dog”        ___ Velcro

___ Post gatekeeper information and medication list


Your Plan for Vehicle Safety


·       Lock your doors as you enter and exit your vehicle.

·       Have a mobile phone to dial 9-1-1 or *55 with next of kin listed under ICE = In Case of Emergency.

·       Place packages and your purse in the trunk BUT make sure you have you driver’s license and phone with you

·       Never leave your garage door opener in plain sight – keep it under the arm rest, in the glove box or purse

·       Place an extra entry key in a magnet box underneath your car and have mobile locksmith number attached.

·       Know how to change a tire or have # of a friend to help.

·       Fender benders can be fatal, (stay in car) always call  9-1-1, insurance requires a report and anyone planning to harm you or is wanted will not want to hang around for the police to respond, keep honest people honest.

·       Do not accept help from strangers, crack your window and advise that police are responding.

·        Always have your cell phone attached to car charger.

·       In Oklahoma: all law enforcement driving unmarked units are required to have BOTH RED and BLUE lights and is required to be in full uniform.




___ Magnet key box        ­­­___4 way lug wrench

        ___Car charger for cell phone

        ___Insurance agent's business card


Thank you for your attention. If you would like more information, a free TRIAD Emergency 9-1-1 phone or would like to set up another safety presentation, please contact me.


                                                                        -Kim Lopez