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In this issue of the Certification Update you will find upcoming exam deadline dates, important information for candidates preparing for the exams, steps your chapter can take to assist CPS and CAP holders gain recertification points, and preliminary information on the 2006 Certification Seminar (for CPS and CAP holders and approved candidates).

Upcoming Exam Deadline

February 15 is the deadline for mailing new applications and retake registration forms for the May 5 & 6 CPS and CAP Exams. International candidates should mail their application packets by February 1.

New applicants for the May 2006 exams can download and print the Certification Application Packet from the IAAP website at Retake candidates should not use this application.

Registration forms for retake candidates were mailed from Kansas City MO the week of January 16. Existing candidates who have not received a personalized registration form by February 5 should contact the Certification Department at

The current listing of locations to take the exam can be found on the IAAP website at Remind candidates to include their center choices on their application or registration form.

Examination Preparation

The Certification Review Guide includes the outline, bibliography, sample questions, and study tips for candidates taking the CPS or CAP exams.

Those candidates starting the exams November 2004 and later will find their guide at

Those candidates in the program May 2004 and before will continue to be tested under the previous outline. The review guide with the previous outline is also on the website at under the Professional Certification tab, and then "Candidates May 2004 and before."

Candidates should use a variety of references in preparing for the CPS or CAP exams. No one source covers a review of everything to be tested. Candidates with a limited background in the areas tested may want to take 3-6 hours of community college courses in the areas of office technology, records management, communications, information systems, and management. For Part 4 of the CAP exam 6-9 hours of upper division management and communication courses may be helpful.

As the Certification Chair for your Chapter or Division, please assist members and nonmembers in ensuring they are preparing from the correct outline and bibliography. If your chapter provides a review course for the CPS and/or CAP exams, or works with a local community college in that effort, it is recommended the course be advertised in the business section of your local newspaper. Also, please provide the Certification Department with information on the course (send to so that we can include it in the Professional Certification section of the IAAP website.

Review Materials

Prentice Hall and Metcalf Educational Services both have review materials available for Parts 1-3 of the CPS exam and Part 4 of the CAP exam.

For access to the special IAAP members only Prentice Hall bookstore, go to the Members' Place section of the IAAP website. From Members' Place go to Chapter Resources & Tools. You will find a link to the IAAP members only Prentice Hall bookstore at the bottom of that page. This special bookstore affords IAAP members a 35% discount on the Prentice Hall review materials.

The Metcalf Educational Services website is or

Remember that the materials provided by Prentice Hall and Metcalf Educational Services are intended to be a review of information previously learned. Candidates preparing from these review materials should be using them in conjunction with the college textbooks listed in the Certification Review Guide. The college textbooks listed in the Certification Review Guide are used to write the CPS and CAP exams; examination questions do not come from the Prentice Hall or Metcalf materials.


The complete recertification brochure and category listing is available at

A PowerPoint presentation and script on recertification are available. They can be used in your chapter to further explain the recertification program. Send a request for this tool to

How else can you as the Certification Chair assist the CPS and CAP holders in your chapter? By ensuring that the education programs presented at your meetings are eligible and approved for recertification points. Programs must be at least one hour in length, and the topic must fall within the examination outline categories. The approval process is not time-consuming for you, and there is no cost to your chapter.

Instructions and a form to use in requesting recertification points for your chapter programs is available on the IAAP website at The completed form and backup documentation can be sent to the Certification Department via e-mail to

If approved the Certification Department will e-mail an original recertification certificate that can be copied for all CPS and CAP holders in attendance at your chapter education program. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

2006 Certification Seminar (for CPS and CAP holders and approved candidates)

Preliminary information on the 2006 Certification Seminar is on the web at Watch for complete details coming soon.


October 15-18, 2006


Marriott Rancho Las Palmas Resort
Rancho Mirage CA (Palm Springs area)

Hotel Rate:

$169+ tax standard or double

As Certification Chair please don't hesitate to contact the Certification Department with your questions. And feel free to send your members and local candidates to us for assistance. The main e-mail address for the Certification Department is Our phone number is 816.891.6600 and our extensions are 2227 (for Kathy Schoneboom CPS/CAP, Certification Manager); 2225 (for Jennifer Mead CPS/CAP, Assistant to Certification Manager); and 2248 (for Vicki Twombly, Certification Specialist).